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How We Work

A. We are story builders

  • Our lives are made up of stories. A good story reaches the place where no quantitative analysis is possible: our heart. Stories exert an attraction that we cannot resist. Because we are social beings who feel connected to other people.
  • Good stories inspire confidence. You need to bring them to your clients. That’s why we actively – but never aggressively – bring stories to the attention of people through great websites, targeted advertisement or attractive social media content.

B. We listen to our clients

  • People want proper solutions to their needs. We listen to our clients and we come up with customized solutions to their needs.
  • We answer to questions about matters that concern our clients.

C.We have a client centric vision

  • We focus on our clients’ long-term goals
  • We communication, work with transparency and are to be trust
  • We praise customer relationships above invoicing

D.Creating, redesigning
or refreshing your website

1. Work out your vision

  • As yourself the following questions and try to build a vision around the answers to those questions. “Why” do you want a website? “What” will be the content of your website? “How” will you create your website. “Who”’s going to do the job for you? “When” do you want to have your website ready? “What” results do I want to reach.
  • It’s not just about how your site looks, but rather how it works. Be crystal clear about the logical structure you want to give your website.
  • Think about your logo design, your branding style and your messaging strategy. All should be simple, clear and straight forward.

2. Strategy

  • Start first by identifying the most important actions you want people to take on your website.
  • Anyone who visits your website for the first time should immediately understand what you do, how it may benefit them, and why they should stay on your site and not flee to your competitors’.
  • One of the absolute most important items you will need in your strategy for a website that produces results is a plan for your website structure. Your goal will be to create a structure which allows users to move as quickly and easily as possible to complete the tasks you want them to realise.
  • Make sure you have specifically outlined a strategy for what videos you need to create for your website and what pages those videos will live on.